Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “What sets your office apart from every other dental practice?”
A: From this office comes the finest dentistry possible. This is excellence by choice! We use premium products and do not double book appointments and we very rarely fall behind schedule. If we do fall behind its generally no longer than 5 minutes. We try to accommodate our client’s schedules for appointments as best we can. Our entire staff has extensive knowledge and many years of experience in their fields. Our appointments are scheduled with time to discuss your case, questions and concerns so nobody feels rushed.

Q: “This office is very beautiful! I love the wood who designed it?”
A: Dr. Gary Nicoletti designed and hand built this office. He chose, cut and installed everything you see.

Q: “Do I need to floss everyday?”
A: Yes. Flossing removes left over food from between your teeth and gums. Along with helping prevent cavities and other tooth decay it helps freshen your breath.

Q: “This will be my child’s first dental appointment how do I prepare them?”
A: We recommend showing them the images of our office so they will be familiar with where they are going. Let the child(ren) know that we are going to tickle (brush) their teeth and take pictures of them. Count their teeth and make them super clean and shiny. You can also let them know that we let them choose whatever they want to watch whatever cartoon they like on T.V. and they will get a special prize when they’re done.

Q: “I had a previous provider give me a needle for a procedure but, I felt the entire procedure and I’m terrified of having a repeat or similar experience. What can your office do for my fear?”
A: We are a patient satisfaction practice. We are an appointment based practice so time is allotted for Dr. Gary Nicoletti to numb you and give the anesthetic time to work so you the area being worked on will be sufficiently numb. Since we do not double book our clients there is no rushing at our office.

Q: “Do I need to take x-rays and if so how often?”
A: We recommend x-rays because they allow a thorough evaluation of your teeth. Bite-wings show the crowns of your teeth and bones in between your teeth to help diagnose any periodontal (gum) issues and cavities. P/A’s (periapicals) show the roots of your teeth and if a root canal or other surgeries are needed. We recommend x-rays are taken at least every 1 – 3 years. Catching and treating decay at early stages helps save natural teeth.

Q: “Do you see babies, toddlers and children?”
A: Absolutely! We are a family practice. We start seeing children around 2 years old. We also offer gum and tooth care to parents for children under 18 months.

Q: “I wake up and have really bad breath what can I do?”
A: Make sure you are up-to-date with your dental cleaning and check-up. Brush, floss and use an antiseptic mouthwash twice a day. If you are already brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash twice a day you need to be evaluated for dental issues.

Q: “What is your appointment policy?”
A: To avoid disrupting yours and the staffs schedules we are an appointment based practice. We ask for at least 72 business hours not including holidays and Fridays (the office is closed on Fridays) to rearrange your appointment otherwise we do have a professional courtesy time loss fee of $100.00.

Q: “Do you accept walk-ins?”
A: We prefer you call the office at (201) 488 – 0200 and schedule an appointment; however, we do accept walk – ins if it’s an emergency.

Q: “My child’s adult teeth are coming in and his/her baby teeth have not fallen out yet. I see a double row of teeth what do I do? “
A: A double row or adult teeth coming in while baby teeth have not fallen out is extremely common. We encourage you and your child to wiggle the baby tooth everyday as much as you can. If it has not come out in 8 weeks Dr. Gary Nicoletti can help the baby tooth along (extract the tooth).

Q: “My child(ren) have special needs and they will need extra care. Does your office accept special needs persons?”
A: We do accept special needs clients. We have several special needs persons including clients with autism and developmental challenges. We work with agencies as well. We allot proper time to accommodate our specially abled clients to become acclimated with the office and staff. Our exam rooms sensory items such as lighting and entertainment can be adjusted to make each person as comfortable as possible. We are also wheel chair accessible and have free parking right outside our entrance.

Q: “I have not been to the dentist in over 5 years. What can I expect from my 1st appointment?”
A: We would start with scheduling you for a general cleaning and examination. After your teeth are cleaned by 1 of our hygienist, Dr. Gary Nicoletti will evaluate you for treatment(s) and discuss the procedure and time necessary for the treatment. Your cleaning and exam will take about 1 hour. There’s generally no discomfort or sourness. You will get to choose either to listen to music of your choosing or watching television as your entertainment during your cleaning. We create a relaxing and calm environment. Several clients fall asleep during both a cleaning and treatment each week!

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